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Oil to milk cleanser

Make-up remover effective as an oil, delicate like milk – leaves your skin soft and clean. Dry touch oil with a gentle texture to nourish the skin while dissolving even waterproof make-up. Doesn’t leave the skin oily or sticky! 

A concentrate of natural oils:
  • almond oil – cleans deeply and maintains the hydrolipidic balance improving complexion and skin tone
  • wheat germ oil – nourishes and helps purify the face proficiently
  • soybean oil – protects against inflammation and helps the skin retain moisture
  • hibiscus oil – moisturizes and improves skin elasticity 


Pump some on your hands and massage all over the face, gently concentrate on the areas with the most makeup, it can be used on eyes and lashes. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and enjoy your best skin.
2 to 3 pumps to remove light make-up.
4 to 5 pumps to remove bolder make-up.

The bottle contains a total of 700 pumps.

  • Massage all over the body for a boost of hydration 
  • Apply a pump or two on wet hair to nourish and style
95ml / 3,2 oz PAO 12M


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