Are espressOh products nichel tested?

Yes, our products are Nichel Tested. Once a product is declared Nichel Tested it means that it has been chemical tested in laboratory and we can confirm that Nichel is present in a smaller quantity than one part per million. In this case, the presence of this metal in a Nichel Tested Product will be less than 0,000001%. In case of allergy, we suggest to do a skin tolerance test on your skin, 24 hrs before applying the product. You should just apply a very small quantity of product on your wrist or on the inside of your elbow.

Are espressOh product Cruelty Free?

Yes, you can find the “cruelty free” caption at the bottom of each product’s description. On March 11th, 2013, UE has approved a Community decree preventing animal testing for cosmetic products.

What’s PAO?

It is the deadline by which the manufacturer guarantees the effectiveness of a cosmetic product. After that period, it may no longer be microbiologically pure.

I have my skin irritated after using an Espressoh product, what should I do?

An irritation may be due to sensitivity to a particular ingredient in the product. You may want to stop using it for a while and then try again with an application of the product on the wrist or inside the elbow, 24 hours before applying it to the face.

I received and used an espressOh product, but it doesn’t meet my expectations. What can I do?

We are sorry that our product does not meet your expectations. However, due to hygienic reasons, it is not possible to return an opened and used product.

I received a defective/damaged/different than ordered item. What should I do?

Please contact our Customer Service at help@espressoh.it and our team will find the best solution for you.

Is it safe to use espressOh products during pregnancy?

Yes, you can use our products during pregnancy.