OhArt was born from the desire to undertake a path of initiation into art, in order to support the artistic growth of young talents, both Italian and international, making a meaningful contribution to the spread of culture in the area. From November, 18th to December, 12th this project will take shape in a space where art and beauty will coexist, it will be possible to admire works of art and at the same time try and buy all the products of the espressoh line.
@ Tube Culture Hall from Thursday to Sunday, from 11am to 8pm

Fluid Shapes is the first edition of OhArt, which investigates the concept of femininity free from political-cultural classifications, social labels and gender limitation through the personal interpretation of the artists Nina Klein and Nicole Colombo.
Nina in painting, Nicole in sculpture, have given a creative face to this idea, following artistic researches that are distant from each other. And it is through this work that three elements strongly linked to femininity and beauty are transformed in three objects of common and daily use, designed to be observed and worn: a mirror, a bag, a foulard.
Three limited-edition unique pieces that can be used by everyone, but that at the same time are objects of art.

The Art Objects
The Artists

Nicole Colombo (b. 1991, Monza, Italia), lives and works in Milan.
In 2015 she graduated in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

Nicole creates avatars, imaginary characters and objects
which are asked to inhabit new places to originate a new narrative process.
While in the first part of the collaboration with Espressoh, her hands were the protagonist
as key appendices of human beings to relate to the external world, turning into mirrors,
in the second phase, they become the anthropomorphic representation
of no-defined gender characters.
The fluid forms of Nicole's characters link to Espressoh’s values such as gender equality
assuming awareness and acceptance of one's own being.

Nina Klein (b. 1987, Southfield, MI) expects a graduate BA from UCLA in 2022.
She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Nina’s practice reflects her own vision of gender and identity
as aspects of the self that shift and intersect.
In her works, the optical illusions become a representation of the wide range of evolving human identities,
typical of nature,
allowing the audience the opportunity of identifying anthropomorphic and zoomorphic subjects.
Reducing the body to symbols that send messages of self-empowerment,
Nina shares with Espressoh the desire of freedom to express oneself and identify with what one wants.