Aroma Corretto - How to use THIS ONE lipstick to get FOUR different styles



Here at Espressoh HQ we are big believers of reuse & recycle rule. We genuinely love cosmetics, but also have trouble following any complicated make up tutorial (although we do binge watch them more than Netflix). 

 If we could have, just that one tool, to get it all done, and still look on fleek (or like a full time adult, you pick), we so would go for it.

 Turns out, we are not alone.

 Without any further ado, here is what we have learned from one of our favourite make up artists Marika, a.k.a @leitalienne.



Four ways of using one lipstick, bluff you might say. Not until you try our Aroma Corretto shade, a perfect 90’s hue with the right tint for many complexions. Here is the thing: its matte but not dry, but dry enough to be matte. You get it ?


We have a deep fondness for freckles (and all the little quirks natural beauty beholds). Want to look youthful ? Freckles. Sun kissed? Freckles. Playful ? Freckles. Rachel Bilson ? Freckles.

Marika suggests to use thin, eyeliner brush along with Corretto, deepening the colour of the babes that you already have. Watch the video below to get a better idea.


Nothing new in using your very own lipstick to give yourself a bit of a flush and a healthy glow. We love to use Rossoh for that purpose too.

 Marika is using her fingers to blend in and layer her make up. You can add a brush or two, whatever is most handy for you.


Stunning addition to the full Corretto look is the eye. Layer the lipstick to your desired shade, from a light tint to a full delicious colour. Blend in, serve with the wink.

Have you tried to use your lipstick in any other rebellious way? Share your tricks below.


By Masha Nova