Candid Lip Routines from Team Espressoh

While plenty of us are staying at home (DO IT), we have been tuning into our self care and skincare routines with rich abundance. A twenty-minute mask followed by exfoliator? Sure. Let the serum sink in for a while before layering another product? Not a problem. Leave in the conditioner for 5-7 minutes? All the time in the world if necessary. 

Going extra is now a thing (at least with our team). Now more than ever we are dedicating ourselves to the detailed care of bits that have been neglected (on emotional health and coping mechanisms later). So here is a sneak peak into our lip care, because Rossoh demands a lush bed to be layered on, no less. 



Espressoh founder

I use Lanostick (The Original) from Lanolips. The brand is a pioneer in clean beauty and their values speak to me (it's cruelty free). The ingredients include lanolin, candelilla wax, mango seed butter and vitamin E (has great age-defying properties).

For an extra kick I use a Lip Sleeping Mask with a berry flavour from Laneige. I wake up with more supple lips, Capriccio ready.

Lanostick by Lanolips                          Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige



Digital Marketing Intern

To scrub, I mix grounded coffee, cane sugar and olive oil. It's so easy to do and anyone can make it in their own kitchen in no time!

For lip care I put on a nice layer of Carmex Medicating Lip Balm, and during the day just proceed with a Neutrogena Lip Moisturiser with SPF (very often we neglect our lips when it comes to sun exposure, please dont!).


Medicating Lip Balm by Carmex        Lip Moisturizer by Neutrogena



Content Creator

My go-to is a Skin Food Lip Balm by Weleda. I use it daily. The botanical extracts are supposed to nourish and protect very dry or chapped lips.

Once a week I scrub with a Honey Lip Exfoliator by Lush. Creamy white chocolate and aromatic vanilla are among the ingredients. Its safe and yummy!

Before going to bed I usually put a Lip Balm by Paulas Choice. It prevents moisture loss and helps my skin rejuvenate (with the magical assistance of Vitamin C) while I get my beauty sleep.


Skin Food Lip Balm by Weleda

Honey Lip Exfoliator by Lush

Lip Balm by Paula's Choice




I am a firm believer of treating any skin issue from inside out. I try to prevent dry lips and encourage elasticity by drinking enough water and feeding my skin with all the healthy fats and nutrients (Omega-3 supplements when needed, loading up on avocados, that sort of thing).

I prep my lips with a balm before applying my favourite Espressoh lipstick though. Right now it is Natures Rosso The. It has red tea and ginger extracts, and it gets the job done!

Rosso The by Nature's