4 facial tools you can try at home

Your facialist might be great, but is she (he?) available to you at your first command like a genie in the bottle ? *Hums the infamous Christina Aguilera tune*.

Not to mention the price tag. Even if you constantly justify your skincare expenses as a therapeutical investment (no judgement is upheld here at the OhBar), let us remind you that there is also rent and most likely a pet child to put through yearly vet appointments and grooming.  

With that said, we have joyfully shared our tricks and tools to get the glowing results at home. Share yours in the comments !


 TOOL #1

 The Jade Roller

All the beautiful sets on gold trays and white sheets with this baby (via our Instagram feeds, duh), constantly gave out a promise of radiant skin. The benefits of jade rollers include lymphatic drainage, gentle toning and drawing out the toxins (cannot be scientifically confirmed). It stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.

When we have discussed it last year, we came to the conclusion that if you massage your face with any smooth rock it will help with lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. The so-called healing properties come with the belief that crystals (rose quartz seems to be everybodys favourite) contribute to ones overall emotional- slash-energy state. This, of course is up for a discussion and what works best for you.



The Loofah  

Gentle exfoliation is every beauty websites favourite. Whether you do a peeling mask once in a while or scrub in hopes of erasing the memory of all the greasy food you have digested over the weekend, daily cleanse is the ritual you never pass by (right?).

 Forget the Clarisonics and the Foreos (so last year), and go back to the old school loofah (so very compact and has no need in charging). Cleanse, get rid of dead skin cells and any make up residue with it. Wash away all the impurities, your sins and more. 


 TOOL #3

 Beauty Bar Massager

 We went for the golden beauty bar, because it was available on Amazon and we saw a similar thing on Tracee Ellis Ross profile. It promises to improve the texture of the skin (meaning?), reduce wrinkles (if any), boost circulation and rejuvenate. It surely wakes you up.

Start at the centre of your face and move upwards and outwards, towards your ears.



The Silicone Vacuums

We have recently discovered the silicone vacuum massage kits, which we bet, will be the next big thing (like the jade roller craze last year).

Although these tools require more learning and a bit of a research, they are as close as you can get to a cupping facial at home.

The face has a complicated structure, like an amusement park, and yet we never pay attention to whatever it is that might be going on underneath, slapping more serums and creams in the hopes for the better. Poor blood circulation, stagnation, muscle tension - all of the above can lead to creases, strange folds, asymmetry and preliminary lines on the face. Here is when you can come in, and tap into it either with your hands alone or with the help of silicone vacuums. Battle inflammation, tackle deep tissues and increase relaxation.


By Masha Nova