Self-care guide regardless of your dating status

Self-care became the synonym of self-love, and this upcoming Valentines, what could be better than celebrating the bundle of joy that is you. Pick a category that speaks to your feelings the most, read on and remember: heart-shaped chocolates will go on sale once Friday is done.


If You Are Feeling The Feels

Some pass this holiday with a shrug, others might expect a little too much from their loved ones, and some will take it too close to their heart. If you are getting just a little emotional this week (full Snow Moon and all), do not fret. Even if being dramatic over Valentines is so early 2000s, we are not here to judge. We can easily suggest that burning your money (literally) yet on another expensive (and very Instagrammable) candle will do (loved Wellness Candle from Beelucia has been pinned to our boards for ages), however, maybe it is time to go inside out. Try CBD gummies to calm your mind, and if you are not getting the chill, we suggest you get the real deal.



        Beelucia Wellness Candle                    Not Pot CBD gummies


If You Are Burnt Out

Everyone says that January has been the trial month of 2020, can February be written off as well? If projects are piling up, deadlines are burning themselves into the oblivion of Ill get back to you shortly, take a quick break and unwind. Sex is good, but if your partner is not present (or virtually non-existent), masturbation has been available since you have hit puberty. We have been eyeing a lot of stuff from WOVO (say yes to latex dresses outside of bedroom), so you can definitely pick a toy that will suit your needs from a diverse selection online (or in their store in Milan). If you are on a budget, take a look at clitoral stimulators instead of full on vibrators (Bunny Bullet looks sleek, chic and portable). If you are looking for an affordable toy that can do more, you can also look into YSpot. Yulia caught our eye in particular : premium silicone, water resistant and a quiet mode must have done it (not to mention the clitoral, G-Spot and internal stimulation in one tool). The brand often does promos and special deals. 



     WOVO latex skirt       Bunny Bullet by WOVO               Yulia by YSpot


Because You Can

When was the last time you splurged? Really went out there and bought yourself something chic, way outside your budget, for a lifestyle you aspire (and will have down the line, we believe in you). Invest in a bra (or two), that most likely nobody will see, because it is just for you and your lounging on the couch alone (and pasta and Netflix). We have recently discovered Le Petit Trou, their IG is mood (definetely recommend). The Valentines collection is good enough whether you will be celebrating or not. Meysse or Lessay ? should be your only difficult decision for the night.



           Meysse by Le Petit Trou                     Lessay by Le Petit Trou


by Masha Nova