Affordable Ohliday Gifts - our picks

Christmas might look different this year, but our girl squads are nevertheless standing strong and almighty. Who if not them will be up at night to do Zoom and wine. Here at Espressoh we love women, in all their glory, with fascinating stories and bewitching attitudes. Holiday season is around the corner and with every precaution we urge you to shop for your gifts in a smart, conscious and supportive way. If you-cannot-even, we are here to help. Scroll down to discover female led businesses in our affordable compilation for this year.  

 For the One With a Crystal Tray at Home

 Whether your friend is into a moon calendar, self care rituals with burning sage or has been caught buying anything pink quartz, you could never go wrong with gifting a candle.

 Although, here is an important note to keep in mind: forget the interior pieces that are flooding the hype-IG-perfect-with-cream-aesthetic feeds. This girl is your anti-consumerist babe, the one who urged you to eat out this summer to keep her favourite family owned cafes afloat. 

With that said, opt for handmade, unique companies. We have recently discovered a small brand called Pixie Divine, a proud black woman owned business. The pieces are handmade, soy and very flirty. You can easily pick yours at Etsy and the best perk: its a UK based brand so it can be shipped anywhere in Europe.

If you are curious about what we ourselves have at home, its Ore mi Candles. These lifestyle products are vegan and are inspired by Nigerian heritage. You might have heard about Ore mi co-founder, Karen Olla, who has been featured in our Let it Glow column before 


For the Spicy #GRLPWR Supporter

She is sassy, spicy and has a list of juicy comebacks against any misogynist comment on the ready. So far you have used up all of your imagination, when you gifted her Rossoh for Christmas last year. Empowerment aside, she is always looking for something lavishly exceptional.

To surprise her, commission an illustration from an independent female artist. We are following @Becky.Davies.Design for her sense of humour and bright, saturated colours. If your hype girl’s interior style is minimal but wouldn't mind a quirky twist, check out @GiadaMaestra.

For the Busy Bee

She screams out voice mails into her phone, whilst baking bread with a backdrop of a zoom conference meeting. You have gifted her personalised planners, macaroon dates and went as far as doing a road trip together.

 Why falter, just go with her vibe. We have been caught in the frantic-speed-dial lives ourselves and this is exactly why we never spend much time on make up (we know, shocking). Espressoh’s SWEETandSOUR eye palette was born in a chaotic frenzy, trying to figure out how one keeps their poker face on, while witnessing the world as is. The four yummy colours are flawless on their own, no matter how careless one might get while applying. Juggling mornings with every family member being stuck at home is not an easy feat. We love the freedom of quickly layering the colours to adjust the look (brush free), without going through several products, and some of us even went as far as putting them on lips too. Whatever saves time.

For the DIY Queen

If we are still vacationing home, this lady is fully armed. She did her share of masterclasses online and now can teach you a lesson or two. Whether its baking or calligraphy, she hasn't wasted her time one bit.

Encourage your friend with a sweet gift like Manifest, original nail art stickers that can substitute an elaborate beauty salon manicure. The project is female led and has different collections to choose from. Water-based sliders are not complicated to use, so your DIY Queen can truly dive in.   


By Masha Nova