How do you like your makeup in the morning?

When it comes to beauty (and coffee), simple is best. We're a clean beauty brand, 100% made in Italy, cruelty and toxin-free. With active ingredients and buildable pigments, our high-performance makeup is designed to compliment your beauty, not cover it up.

Made for people on the go, Espressoh is designed to be a quick and essential part of your morning ritual. No elaborate makeup routines here.

Choose your blend. Whether you prefer rich, earthy tones or a bright, fresh palette, our products are as uncomplicated as they are versatile.

Founded in 2018 by Chiara Cascella, the idea for Espressoh was brewing while Chiara travelled for work with high-end beauty brands. Chiara's goal is to offer the accessible, authentic Italian-made beauty products that the industry was missing.

With a bold flavour and distinctly Italian attitude, Espressoh is serving up Italian flare, one lipstick at a time. Makeup as essential as a shot of espresso? Bellissima.


Being a clean brand means being transparent about what's in our products, and making sure it's only the good stuff. This is why we list all the ingredients in our product descriptions. Nothing shady.


There's always room for improvement, and we are committed to learning and improving. We plan on continuously finding more ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

All our products are 100% made in Italy, so we can keep our carbon footprint minimal while supporting local business.

In 2020, we achieved our first sustainability goal by eliminating plastic from all secondary packaging, including delivery.

In March 2021, we became a carbon-neutral company by offsetting our CO2 emissions with investments in reforestation in countries including Cambodia, Peru, and Kenya.

In June 2022, we started working with Bluebird Climate to understand our carbon + waste impact and make improvements.

In June 2022 - our best-selling product ABC Concealer generates 87% fewer carbon emissions and 84% less waste than a typical concealer on the market. We use compact and lightweight packaging and have designed the product to be used without an applicator.

In 2022, we introduced our Ohily Refill packs so you can refill your glass bottle rather than buying an entirely new product.

What they’re saying about us...

What they’re saying about us...

What they’re saying about us...

What they’re saying about us...