Best Beauty Podcasts Picked by Our Team

We love discovering new treatments, hip facialists, ingredients that actually work or anything that will give us a promise of flawless skin (unattainable, but dreamy notion nevertheless). Here we have picked best beauty podcasts that we indulge in whilst searching for answers to our many questions (why am I still breaking out? Are boob jobs safe? Can we go to the beach already?).


Breaking Beauty Podcast


Co hosts Jill Dunn (beauty expert and writer) and Carlene Higgins (style writer) have been a part of publications like Elle and Hello!Magazine and certainly know a thing or two about skincare. The podcast has been live since 2017, named one of the best by Harpers Bazaar while the interviewees featured are the modern celebrities of the beauty craze. From Emily Weiss (Glossier) to Tiffany Masterson (Drunk Elephant), if you are looking to learn more about brands that are stack on your shelves, there is a chance these two ladies have interviewed people behind them.


We Recommend: An episode with Pia Baroncini (fyi who loves Espressoh concealer), speaking candidly on acne and boob jobs.


Where to listen: Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts or Spotify. 


The Beauty Closet (by Goop)


We think Goop is one of the few well curated podcasts on alternative wellness, where the focus has been slowly shifted from celebrities to researchers, doctors and writers. So naturally, when a separate podcast focused on beauty was dropped we were thrilled to learn more. Editors Jean Godfrey June and Megan O’Neill do not shy away from topics like breast cancer, surgery, sex and anything that has more depth and meaning than a mirror reflection of a newly discovered organic potion.  


We Recommend : An episode with Amy Wechsler - a New York based dermatologist and psychiatrist on ageing skin and break outs.


Where to listen: Goop website, Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


Fat Mascara


This is an award winning podcast hosted by beauty editors Jessica Matlin (Harper’s Bazaar) and Jennifer Goldstein (writer Marie Claire and Elle). Interviews and discussions held with influencers, make up artists, industry experts and entrepreneurs. Dive in for a celebrity special or a candid talk on hosts’ own beauty experiences.


We recommend: A special episode with Christopher Skinner (the founder of School House) on how to build and evolve a beauty brand.  


Where to listen: Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


Gloss Angeles


West coast beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson and editor Sara Tan share their finds and beauty curiosity in laid back conversations. Topics range from budget sunscreens to bacteria in your brushes and treatments that can create an ‘Instagram Face’. The podcast has only ventured into the world for about a year, which means interviews with beauty celebrities is not going to dominate this space just yet.


We Recommend : An episode with Randi Christiansen talking all things lube and skincare.


Where to listen: Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


Beyond The Beauty


Hosted by Bobbi Brown (yes the powerhouse behind the make up brand, who left the company in 2016), this one tackles subjects not every lifestyle guru is interested at first. If you have grown out of discussion on hip beauty and skincare trends or interviews with the founders this one is for you. From questions like ‘why am I always hungry’ to real talks about motherhood, this podcast is a gem.


We recommend : Why Are We So Tired? With Dr. Amy Shah (hormone levels, intermittent fasting and how normal it is for women to feel tired).


Where To Listen: iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


Written by Masha Nova