I Quit Coffee And Here Is What Happened To My Skin

image: courtesy of @lipstickoncups
Day 1
It is Wednesday and I finally gather my will to give up the essence of my mornings for a week (Monday and Tuesday were my emotional prepping days). I have tried elimination diet before, and I am not at all good at it (because I love food. And coffee. GOD, I LOVE COFFEE).
Since I have moved to Italy the ritual has become as significant to me as moisturising. (Almost as in if I had to choose, Id rather give up the moisturising.)
I usually reserve to one-two (very) strong Americanos a day, no sugar and no milk. Whilst already regretting the experiment, I was curious about all the myths surrounding it. 


There are two camps: people that swear it made them feel like self-caring and less jittery healthy unicorns and the ones that see nothing wrong with it at all. But what about the skin? What many do not take into consideration is the dressing coffee often comes with : milk, cream, sugar and even more sugar in the snack we take along with it. Any food intolerances (dairy in this instance) often signal right through your forehead (acne). Sugar is a wicked skin irritant that needs its own article to be cracked up. In a nutshell: it is inflammatory, it breaks down collagen, it will fast forward the ageing process and it affects water binding (say bye to the plump look). So if your coffee comes with an artillery of other things, time to reconsider.

Day 2
Organic apple juice is now my preferable drink of choice (if only it turned itself into a cup of vodka without damaging my reputation or skin).

 I keep up with my water intake, and even more so on the days that I do drink coffee. Coffee has a natural diuretic effect, which causes fluid loss, hence dehydration - a state you never want your skin to be in. Just one rule to keep in mind: hydrate before caffeinate. There is little to no research surrounding the theory of major dehydration coffee can cause, but if your skin is flaking up and playing tricks on you, WATER yourself like a plant you wish you had the decency to take care of. 

Day 3

I am a tea girl now. Considering my Russian heritage, I am all about the tea, but this five oclock ceremony seems more English to me than Russian. I step it up with a fancy cup, but it doesnt make hibiscus taste one bit exciting.  

I dug deep into my research, but nothing utterly vile about having an espresso ever shows up. Coffee on its own is not evil (unless you are sensitive to caffeine), it is a variety of several factors together. Overconsumption of caffeine can cause stress (or stress is causing overconsumption which in return causes more stress), which releases stress hormones, which then triggers acne. Cortisol levels get a spike and anything out of balance will not be beneficial not only to your skin, but to your overall health.    
Day 4


People on Instagram are asking me whether I am ok.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about the black, magic liquid we hustle about so much. I did not realise that coffee is so controversial when it comes to beauty regiments.

 My dive deep into the coffee-skin-connection lands me on several opinions where antioxidant benefits are bragged about. Also topical caffeine in skincare and cosmetics is a thing (duh).

Meanwhile my skin has a mind of its own.
Day 5
Sugar cravings are real. My skin is the same.
Day 6
I stress and pop a pimple (which I strongly do not recommend, but cannot follow my own advice).

I have a glass of wine because Tuesday (or still Monday? is anyone keeping track these days?) and watch The Crown. I pay extra meticulous attention to the tea sets.  

Day 7
Except for what is now a gaping hole in my cheek (that will take an eternity to heal and unnecessary waste of espressoh concealer to cover), my skin is alright.
I wonder if the magic (the illuminous skin glow) can only be achieved during the golden hour, with a little help from Glassy. 
Day 8
I am sipping on my coffee knowing that my skin is on its own journey with or without it. I am also hoping for a lucky ticket in the genetics department.
Have you ever given up coffee to see what happens to your skin? Spill.


By Masha Nova