Not slipping into collective freak-out - here is how

Turn on the airplane mode and destroy notifications center. Easier said then done, and so we continue to repost the most hip memes, binge watch stories from influencers that keep on freaking out and click on anything that has a bait wording. 

Here at Espressoh we keep it light with the most gorgeous women turning up to our digital brunch dates and tutorials that are easy to follow. Instead of telling you how to breathe we will share actual resources and coping mechanisms from some of our favourite ladies from Milan, among with some of our own tricks that keep our mental well-being in check. Spill in the comments your thoughts, at this point, we are open to anything.  


Yoga it out

I do ashtanga yoga (I use an app Down dog or I follow the lessons on Zoom from my yoga school) and cook a lot of things, but my favourite is to pet my dog this helps me to relax so much during these tough times.

- Erika Boldrin, founder of Honieh Beauty


Sitting with your eyes closed (or open) is meditating 

We sure said ‘no meditating advice’ but hear us out. There are plenty practices that are available online (ziva technique among our favourites), but the rest is just you acknowledging your body and the power of now. If worry is one of your ongoing struggles, you can sit with it for a minute, and it will not be as scary as the buzzing sound you keep putting off.

Well Im not the yoga/meditative kind (maybe I should begin soon) so this is what I do instead to find a healthy mind space during these days: since Im closed home with my husband and my baby it is more difficult sometimes to find a little bit of personal space, so I got the habit around 5.30/6.00pm to go to my bedroom when theres the best golden light at that time and just sit near the window reading something. Even if its just for half an hour it helps me disconnect from the world inside and outside the house.

- Sara Moschini, head of fashion Grazia Italia Digital


Discover the spirit of master chef (or that you have an oven)

According to Dr. Kelly Brogan (a holistic psychiatrist and author of the NY Times Bestselling books), there is a strong connection between the foods we consume and our moods. Not a new concept, considering an obvious microbiome - gut - brain connection, but the more we learn about it the yummier our kitchen will be! Here is a quick take away from her free resource page: 

  1. Eliminate processed foods (your quarantine snacks better not be coming in a package)
  2. Add whole foods and good fats (this is your fruit and vegetables making a rainbow on your plate. Or a portrait. Or still life. Whatever is most photogenic)
  3. Add fermented foods (kimchi, kefir, organic pickles, sauerkraut and probiotic supplements)

We are thrilled to see snaps of breakfast, lunch and dinner back in our feeds. Bring it on. Swipe any Espressoh lipstick before our digital date, it doesn't smudge.  


Do you

I feel mindful and totally relaxed when Im home alone, after my skincare routine and shower, I love sitting on the bed with the light of candles, reading a book or some poems or writing down my free thoughts.

- Marta Matilde Favilli, entrepreneur (Laltro tramezzino & Virgo Milano)


Keep it up with a good sense of humour

If you cant laugh it off or cry it out, make a meme out of it. The universal panic will fade, but you, as a digital legend will stay.


By Masha Nova