The Non-Instagrammable Products Behind Our Best Selfies

In the past month we have dug deep into our bottom shelves to rediscover newbies, empties and the long forgotten testers. All of the above are now happily scooped out, insta storied and brought to use.
And yet, there is a groupie that will never end up in our feeds (too candid? who knows). These products might be the ghost superheroes and we sure have never put the spotlight on them (failed packaging? most likely). So, enjoy this sneak peak  that you would never (ever) otherwise get a glimpse of.
What are your secret products ? Spill in the comments.
Espressoh founder
Here is an anti-inflammatory savior that can be used from your lady bits to your face (youll thank me later): Aginax. It is an ultra moisturising calming cream, which balances out the area of your concern (irritations mostly). Extra: it is naturally formulated.
CeraVe detergent is a considerable addition to any skincare routine (mine is levigante, targeted at acne-prone skin). The packaging is a bit outdated but it gets the job done.
 Digital Marketing Intern
I am a huge fan of Holika Holikas 3 Seconds Starter - its a super light serum that I use in my morning skincare routine instead of a tonic. The secret is to try to apply it immediately after you dump your skin with a towel (post-cleanser), while your skin is still rich with moist - hence the 3 seconds rule. The packaging isnt the prettiest that I have on my shelf but it works wonders on your skin. My favourite in the series is the Collagen one. 
Content Creator  
This supplement: integratore lievito sohn. I have been taking it for two months and I can really see the benefits in my hair, it is longer and stronger. Skin also looks amazing these days, I am obviously eating in a healthier way, taking my supplements and following a strict skincare regimen. The mix of these things are truly working well on me.
I have this ugly thing of squalane oil (the package is a recycled bottle from The Ordinary serum, so hey, not so bad). I buy the oil in bulk, which I definitely recommend doing (I have a bigger one stashed down on my bottom shelf, believe me).
Last but not least: Benzac. It is a topical cream I use at night when a big pimple comes out, it contains benzoyl peroxide which is incredible for treating spots. It is not a simple over-the-counter cream so it is better to ask your pharmacist or health practitioner first.
Just like Marika I use a prescribed Benzoyl Peroxide cream, which is an overnight goodie for spots that are about to happen big (one of those deep devil ones, you know what I mean). Consult with your dermatologist into using a similar product.
Another pharmaceutical cream that I have discovered recently: Fucidin. It is mostly for skin infections and cuts. It is an antibiotic, so recurrent use may increase the risk of developing antibiotic resistance (not good). Make sure you ask your health practitioner for advice and do not self-medicate.    
Last baby on the list: calendula oil. I also treat spots with this guy. I dont mind the packaging, but somehow it never got a chance to shine on my socials.