We've tried these beauty apps so you don't have to

We might be digitally savvy here at Espressoh HQ, but it does not mean that we do not love ourselves some user-friendly experience with a one-two-step routine. The same goes for make-up: zero effort with mind blowing result. With equivalent approach, we searched wide and far the depths of the App Store and here is what we have found: 


Cocoa Swatches 

Started as an IG account (@cocoaswatches), it quickly grew into an honest beauty community. The profile focuses on cultural diversity that is commonly underrepresented in the media and beauty industry, showing off how products reflect on the dark skin tones. The app features a blog and menu bar where you can surf all the applicable products by lips, eyes, face, skindeep (highlighters, concealers etc). Searching by brand or product is available.


The Verdict: the product reviews lack assortment, but the navigation is marvellous. 

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If you ever wondered what you would look like if you actually managed to keep up with a layered make up tutorial (I am talking baking and things), this app will reveal what might have been the result. This is a great tool for make up artists if you manage to set up your profile (the app directory is a bit outdated) or if you are like us, and are in search for someone new and fun to follow on Youtube. Perfect365 allows you to wear the looks developed by make-up artists straight in the app (just like an IG filter) or you can download your favourite selfie and go from there. All the products used are listed, and to be honest, I actually did not mind how I looked with gloss on. I might recreate the look with Glassy on my lips, even though I am a matte girl all the way. 


The Verdict: try not to get addicted. 

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Skincare regiments are getting layered with each purchase you make, and sometimes a product which happened to be a waste of your budget, learned too little too late. If you do not have a spare minute to surf beauty blogs and genuine reviews, this app can be your go-to. Search (or scan) make-up, body or skin care product and read a review from certified professionals. With ingredients and the background of the companies explained. Add filters to ease up your search.


The verdict: a lot of niche, vegan and leaping bunny skincare brands present in the directory, which is a plus. Corporate moguls are on the radar too, great to examine before committing a splurge. Be aware that this is an extension of Paulas Choice brand, which in the end, you should take with a grain of salt: as the final goal would be selling their own products over others.     

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Think Dirty

We encourage on getting to know the ingredients behind your beautiful #Shelfie. If you are confused and dont know where to start (but also not into being scared of every substance you cannot spell), this one is for you. Each product is rated on the scale from 0 to 10 (zero being the safest and ten a potential negative long term health effect). This rating allows space where not everything is black and white.

The verdict: When greenwashing peaks at almost every corner of a pretty glass jar, this app not only helps identify ingredients but educates on many terms you may not be familiar with but heard of (carcinogens, allergens, fragrance etc.).

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Any beauty apps you would recommend?


By Masha Nova