Invite Friends - Terms & Conditions (English)


1.1 The object of the current Terms and conditions is the espressOh Invite Friends Program service on the website 

1.2 The owner of the website and Invite Friends Program is B. Cosmetics SRL. (Espressoh), legal address: Strada Provinciale San Silvestro 13, Pescara 65129, VAT NUMBER 02212860684


2.1 The following Terms and Conditions apply to the espressOh Invite Friends Program ("The Referral Program"). When you participate in The Referral Program you agree to the Terms & Conditions of the program. 

2.2 Customers who are eligible to refer friends will receive an email from us asking them to invite friends to espressOh, if they wish to. On the email we send eligible customers there will be a unique link they can share with friends. They will need to send that link to the friends they want to invite. The link will send their friends to a page where they can register to the Refer a Friend program and to our newsletter, where they agree to receive email marketing from us. Once they register, they will receive an email from us a with a 15% off promo code on their first order, valid for 14 days from receipt. Valid exclusively on first orders. If the invited friend has already purchased either on our website, in one of our pop-up stores or Flagship Store in Milan they will not receive the 15% off code. 

2.3 Only friends who have never purchased on, in one of our pop-up stores or Milano Flagship Store can be invited. If they register through the unique link they received from the friend who invited them and have never purchased with us, they will receive an email from us with the 15% off promo code. They will need to purchase with the same email they registered with in order for the friend who invited them to receive the 15% off. 

2.4 Customers who are eligible to invite friends can invite as many friends as they want through the unique link they are sent by email from us. If the friends they invited purchase with their 15% off, the friend who invited them will receive a new 15% off promo code each time a friend they have referred purchases following their referral. Valid from 30 days from receipt. All communication with happen by email. 

2.5 Only customers with 2 completed orders can invite friends. We will send customers an email 14 days after their second order.

2.6 You can only invite friends who are located in your same location. If you are located anywhere in the world excluding UK or USA you can invite anyone who is NOT located in UK or USA. If you are located in UK you can only invite friends in UK. If you are located in USA you can only invite friends in USA.

2.7 The referral 15% off promo codes cannot be combined with any other promo code. They also cannot be used with our Sets since our Sets are already discounted. New customers using the 15% off on their first order will not receive our Welcome 10% off as that offer is for first orders only who are not coming through a referral. 

2.8 Referral promo codes are not available to use in any of our physical stores, it's online exclusive. 

2.9 If you invite a friend we can't let you know whether they have purchased or not during the invitation process. If they have never purchased on, in our pop-up stores or Milano Flagship Store they will receive the 15% off promo code after registering through your unique link. If they don't receive it they can get in touch with us and we can check for them whether there is an issue or whether they are not eligible. 

2.10 espressOh is entitled to change the rules of the Invite Friends Program at any time. 

2.11 The Invite Friends Program is for personal use only. 

2.12 Promo codes sent to friends who are invited are valid for 14 days. Promo codes sent to the customer who invited friends following their purchase is valid for 30 days from receipt. 

2.13 We cannot let you know whether the friend you are referring is eligible to be referred. They can register to the link you send them. If they are eligible they will receive the 15% off. If they don't receive it they can get in touch with us directly at and we can let them know if they are eligible or not. 

2.14 You cannot refer yourself. We ask that you don't try to take advantage of the program. We reserve the right to cancel any orders that are doing so.


3.1 If you would like to not be part of the Invite Friends Program, you can email us at


4.1 We reserve the right to terminate any Member's account if we believe that the Member has breached the Terms and Conditions of The Invite Friends Program by providing false information in order to benefit from the program in improper ways. 

4.2 We are entitled to suspend or terminate The Invite Friends Program at any time at our discretion. 


5.1 We will use your personal data only in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We suggest you consult it as it includes important provisions that may concern you.