Discover These Juicy Products and Wellness Trends For Feminine Healthcare

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While Scotland is making pads and tampons available for everyone free of charge, we can only spread the word about it and hope soon enough the rest will follow. There is a long way ahead for women in the healthcare system, the problem laying in the centuries of patriarchy:  from dominated number of male doctors and health practitioners to very little number of women in medical trials.

On a less depressing note, niche companies and quirky skincare brands are hearing us loud and clear: say yes to innovative hygiene products and advanced sex toys, targeted supplements and body care. So without any further ado, we have compiled the most unique products you might give a try if you are feeling slightly out of balance or wish to tune into your juicy, womanly, glorious self.*


Down There

If you believe that your luscious bits deserve more attention than a drugstore shower gel: female owned, handcrafted brand Womanology is here for you. We have discovered the intimate products a while back and could not believe our luck: everything from the design to experience felt personal and caring. Our favourite: The Intimate Cleansing Oil, a perfect blend of rosehip, jojoba seed, coconut and avocado oils just to mention a few (find full list of ingredients here). Created especially to soothe irritation: after sex, exercise, shaving & depilation. 


The Intimate Cleansing Oil by Womanology


If you are willing to dedicate a separate #Shelfie for all things down there, the intimate care market has finally expanded with unique options for ladies like us. Need to balance out vaginal pH levels within a healthy, normal range? Love Wellness formulated vaginal suppositories that balance yeast and odor-causing bacteria (how is it possible that its IG perfect too, only vulva Goddesses know). If you are on another level of skincare all together, there is Rejuvenating Botanical Oil for intimate care form Lady Suite (the brand formulates with ingredients from trustworthy and sustainable sources validated by their own lab). 


The Killer vaginal suppositories by Love Wellness


Inside Out

Make sure you are not missing out on any vitamins and micronutrients from the inside out (this can be tuned into balance with your lifestyle choices, diet and of course frequent health practitioner visits). Any signs of fatigue or stress can lead to many health complications, so if you are feeling down we suggest a blood test, not a shopping cart full of supplements.

With that said, there is an innovative tablet we cannot leave out. Meet Hers, or Addyi, or Flibanserin. Flibanserinthe long-awaited pink pill for women with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). Simply put: FDA approved non-hormonal viagra** for women. Even though you can buy it over the counter, it is considered a prescriptive medication.***  


Flibanserin by Hers


Between The Sheets

Whether you have a partner or not, sex health is an important part of self-care. If you are feeling burnt out, we suggest you take a quick break and unwind after reading this guide (which includes hip sex toys and other entertainment).

If you are lucky enough to have someone spread the joy with in between the sheets, we have recently come across an espresso lubricant (omg) from our favorite WOVO. The price is very yummy too.

 Espresso lubricant by WOVO


Another finding of ours: Sex Dust by Moon Juice. A stimulating adaptogenic blend of shatavari, shilajit, epimedium, schisandra, sacao & maca. You can add this powder to your cacao, smoothie or try any of the suggested recipes from Moon Juice website.


Sex Dust by Moon Juice


Any treasured products you recently discovered? Spill in the comments. 


By Masha Nova


*The following information provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Readers should always consult with a doctor or other qualified healthcare practitioner for medical advice or information about diagnosis and treatment.

** Sildenafil, sold as the brand name Viagra among others.

***Consult with your OB-GYN before self-medicating.