November beauty from our saved folder to yours

From Our Saved Folder To Yours


We know how busy our OhBar readers are, building their careers from home, religiously following through skincare (and self care) routines, trying to cut down on screen time, all while getting everyone’s Christmas presents online (and in time). We have shared the treasures of our saved folders back in September, and while pouring ourselves natural wine and buying art from living artists is still our thing, we thought we also save you some time on discoveries that are small, exciting, local and very unlikely to pop in your feed.

To Download We worship healthy, unbothered, teen-like sleep. We were the earliest adopters of pillow sprays, uncanny nighttime rituals and CBD. Our latest obsession, Relax Melodies, rated number one sleep and relaxation app. You can create your own bedtime experience, from carefully curated sounds to fairy tale like content. Some of the perks include Bedtime Stories, in-house and literary narrations in soothing voices, Sleep Moves, a series of mind body exercises and Sleep Meditations (guided voice sessions).

 To make sure our bedtime anxieties are spiralling from our own egos, and not due to the Moon in Scorpio, we have downloaded Moonly (and are quite addicted). The design, astrology and navigation are effortless and also cute. Besides the Moon calendar and notes on Eastern Astrology, it boasts affirmations, quick reads on chakras, rituals, mantras, meditations and more.  

To Make Staying Home A Little More Bearable We learned how to keep it together with the help of some beauties from Milan before, but that does not go without saying that being constricted at home is just a little bit more challenging second time around (a little is understatement).

And so we do our best to make our nests resemble authentic spaces we long for (that would be tropical paradise for most of our team). To achieve exactly that, we have been fixated on getting more plants, reading guides on how to take care of our green babies and surfing the handmade ceramics community for cute little housing. On our radar: @theboobpotcompany , a female led business, where all the quirky pots are handmade. The founder Esmé, celebrates breasts in all their glory and has different styles for every girl out there. We love that there are also gift vouchers available at her Etsy shop just in time for the festive season.

In case you are over the pots, try Kokedama , basically a sphere of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows (yours truly has three at home, and they look better than they sound). Adopt one (or more) at the local Milanese garden @modni_koikoi , a conceptual lab where you can learn how to take care of exotic and very original house plants.      

To Read With Manrepeller Repeller closing its online doors, there has been a consequential shortage of funky articles to read online (besides OhBar of course). We now check The Chill Times, an online space on all things self care. Launched by Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, an entrepreneur behind Chill House, New York based boutique beauty salon and cafe. Start yourself with a post on female food writers or this one about vegan brands. 

As for our book list, Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee sounds just about right. We are slowly (but sufficiently) learning how to work smarter, not harder. To get an idea of the writing style, start with this post on adaptable introverts on Headlee’s blog.

By Masha Nova