Lasting Summer Glow: Tips From Espressoh Team

While our tan and mood are still hanging in the brightest department, vacation has almost faded away from our feeds (to say the least). With the fall comes a swift change on our shelves and skincare routines, as we are trying desperately to keep a healthy, summer outlook to last. Scroll down for our secret ingredients for vacation glow or spill yours in the comments.



Espressoh founder


Fall is the worst time for my skin as I always have the most awful break outs due to the change of season.


This year I am trying to prevent my skin going wacky by starting early: doing deep cleanse facials once in a month during summer, followed by a professional exfoliation in September. All of course is done with my skin guru - the only one I trust.


At home I am making an interesting attempt to reducing the use of skin care products to the bones:) . Right now my routine consists of a niacin amide boost serum and a moisturiser, which I am about to switch for something richer, once the cold weather starts knocking at my door.



Content Creator 


At this time I try to see a skin therapist for a monthly facial; she has this weird method for the extraction, but it is working well on me.


My skincare is minimal: during the summer I was simply using a cleanser and sunscreen. I would do a purifying mask once a week or enzyme peel, which is amazing because it exfoliates gently without photosensitising or irritation. My go-to is Brighten Mask by Herbivore.


With fall I am applying a NIOD regimen, which is pretty basic: in the morning I wash my face with water only and at night with a cleanser (Sanskrit Saponins). I follow up with multi-molecular hyaluronic acid and copper amino isolate serum (which is wonderful for sensitive skin to make it look more healthier) and omega+complex moisturiser by Paulas Choice. I am also taking omega supplements to prevent dryness and dehydration and I must say that my skin looks way more plump and balanced!





I did not expect my skin to bare with me this summer at all: sunscreen, sand and outside activities do flare my face up. This year it is surprisingly different and I was able to keep it clean on my vacation and even through plane rides! I contribute it to the right pick of daily moisturiser (30 spf daily cream by Paulas Choice) and my eager dedication to gentle scrubbing (Kora Organics turmeric scrub and mask is my favourite).


Now that a month has passed after my beach bum activities, I can add resurfacing glycol pads to my night time routine twice a week. I go for the jar of 50 by Malin+Goetz, and I am curious to try a similar product from Goop in the near future. (I am also fully aware that I need to watch my skincare shopping addiction, please send help).


To make sure that I am entering fall nice and bright, I will be booking a professional glycol peel sometime soon (and I will document it in all the details for the OhBar goers, so stay tuned!)