OhBar Guide : Sicily

Our dedication to good GREAT coffee spots , lovely set ups (read IG perfect) and testing Capricсio on authentic food has brought to you our very first OhBar Guide through Milan. Now that summer is in full bloom, we thought we expand our travel wish-list, in hopes that our OhBar readers will snatch a photo in one of these must see places, wearing a full tan and a hint of Glassy.


Surprise Friends with Eco Tourism

 We have been following @rymuppet for aesthetic pictures and dreamy videos, but it is her other profile @lecolesicilienne that has been hanging in our saved folders. Le Cole Sicilienne is a creative Sicilian retreat, based on the pillars of eco tourism - which means everything is sourced locally. Here you get to hang out at an opulent Villa (locations vary) along with a chef and partake in activities like cooking and enology workshops. Stirring Granita al Limone is a must.  

 Chiara: I like the idea of supporting local artisans, someliers and farmers. Considering the devastating period the small businesses went through just recently in Italy, it is our responsibility as a consumer to spend with integrity. Pinterest perfect set ups are an enjoyable extra.

 Order Room Service and Watch Sunrise

If ‘atmosphere’ is the word you silently mouth whilst Googling spots in Sicily, la Tonnara di Scopello might be just about right. A hot spot for weddings and the apartments have a breathtaking view. You can also experience Tonnara’s history throughout the Natural Museum on sight. Common areas of historic heritage are accessible for visitors with a purchased ticket.


Masha: Sipping on espresso, Rossoh intact and a morning read (about summer beauty must haves of course) while sunrise hits that picturesque balcony is a vision. Two words: camera ready.


Hidden Pasticcerias of The Egadi Islands

 Isole Egadi, accesible from Trapani or Marsala, although are a popular destination for swimming and diving, hydrofoil travel eliminates some of the tourists. Each island has its distinct characteristics, but the water is equally turquoise.

 Chiara: Rent a boat to hop from one island to the next, get off only for life necessities like fueling on cannoli or babá with extra cream, from Pasticcerias you won’t find on Instagram.


Getting The Forte Glow

 The word has it that Verdura Resort has hosted the créme de la créme of Hollywood, but the hotel chooses not to use the famous names to their advantage. Although one thing is certain: Google chose this spot as a team building retreat for their top managers. All 203 rooms are sea view and the territory hosts four restaurants : Zagara (fusion), Amare (seafood), Liolà (trattoria) and Buongiorno with a breakfast menu and a garden.


Masha: This is a luxurious escape that requires a monthly rent spent overnight. It is goals in the long run, but for now I would opt for one of the Spa treatments on sight. The Forte Facial Massage with a special technique includes facial pressure-points followed by a face workout with signature products. Irene Forte skincare can be also purchased in places like Liberty of London and Galeries Lafayette in case you are hooked but not coming back soon.

Taking The Best Bathroom Selfie


Dimora Cala del Pozzo is Favignana’s typical rural location, with turquoise waters and profound history. The untamed parts of nature border with magnificent views. In the best of Sicilian traditions, there is an organic farm with cultivated land to grow vegetables, fruit and some old varieties of Sicilian durum wheat, Tumminia and Bidi’ (with which Trapani pasta called Busiatewe is produced).


Chiara: The commitment to the environment in this place is fascinating: amenity kits and the cleaning products used on sight are eco friendly; paper products are sourced from recycled materials and the light bulbs are eco-save. Dimora Cala del Pozzo also avoids waste and reduces garbage by eliminating the consumption of plastic. Not to mention that hot water is obtained through the solar panels. Now, this is a location I want to take a selfie at and brag about. 

Coffee, Cornettos & Sicilian Tables

BamBar, located in Taormina, is a typical bar to have breakfast or a sweet break. According to plenty anonymous Internet users it boasts a wonderful granita. Uncover this gem right in the historical centre and make your own opinion about it.


Masha: This is a perfect coffee set up with a distinctive Sicilian vibe and quirky tables. Nocciola and nutella granita sounds heavenly.