Elimination diet challenge: what happened to my skin in a week of no cheese

Elimination diet is the new buzz word, and if you have not heard one bit about it, here is a quick break down: pick a product you will be hating on (hey there gluten) and stop consuming it (like right now).

In all seriousness, elimination diet was first proposed by Dr Albert Rowe way back in 1926. But if you are looking for a shortcut and something more contemporary - The Inflammation Spectrum by Dr. Will Cole is your go-to.



Last week I have tried to remove cheese from (most of) my meals and here is a throwback of what happened to my skin (and soul).


To be honest, knowing in advance that my week will be a no cheese challenge, I have indulged in pizza margherita over the weekend, which may have resulted in a minor break out on my chin. It could also have been stress, pms, excessive travel and general coma about the-cold-weather-summer-has-really-ended kind of thing.


I have added eggs and other animal produce to my elimination list because I genuinely want to care for the planet and equally happen to be a weak, spoiled millennial.

I have raided a vegan aisle and to my surprise I have discovered great alternatives. Creamy dip based on almond milk was now my comfort food, which I definitely recommend.

To my disappointment, my skin has not revamped into a glowy, pore-free zone.


I love cheese.

I used to have cheese all the time: as a snack, as a treat, as a full meal (with crackers, please dont ask). As I have slowly merged into an adequate version of an adult, there is a slight war between my indulgences and healthy choices to be made daily.

If you are looking for a swift fix for your skin, diet is a crucial starting point. The underlying gut problems, inflammation, chronic infections and hormone imbalances can all bloom on your face in various ways. So yes, problematic skin can be moderated with the help of proper foods. Also laser helps*.

*consult with your health practitioner to see what works best for you


To all of my OhBar readers, I confess, I slipped.

I have made a beautiful batch of plant based pasta (chickpea) and I just had to have a little (and a little more) of parmesan on top. My advice? Restrictions may not work on some folks as well as on the others. Allow whatever stumble to happen as a treat and move on.

Updates on my chin: what used to be a small-scale, manageable eruption has grown into a full time alien host no instagram filter could cover.

I have to give extra credit to ABC concealer, which not only covered my source of anxiety but also gave me a much needed confidence boost.


 I have not noticed any major shifts in my appearances, so I have encouraged the glow with the help of my recent finding, the rosy cheeks mask from Lush. I have placed all of my hope on the Turkish rose oil and a blend of kaolin.  

The weekend

 The key to discovering which foods trigger your skin inflammation is to try and remove whatever you think is evil at least for 4 weeks. So, I have another 3 to go to see a major result. Consider that we are all human and your emotional health can show up on your skin too. Take it with a grain of salt and no stress.


By Masha Nova


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