This is Exactly Why Wednesday Would Wear espressoh for Halloween

Or on any day of the month, really. This #Halloweek you most likely have fallen into the hole of creative make-up suggestions on your explore page. It is what it is, for us here at espressoh HQ: Halloween make up tutorials, puppies, coffee. Mostly puppies.

As for the costumes, there is only so much effort one can do whilst adulting. A witch? Sure, let me just fall tiredly on my make-up and fall fast asleep. Joker? Me every time I follow a make-up tutorial but end up looking like a child who has raided moms cabinet, somehow.  Of course, there is always an over-sexualised angel-devil dilemma, but leave it to yesterdays Victoria Secret infamous employees and their athlete - goddess - unattainable - I - eat - avocado - toast - for - breakfast - lunch - and - dinner killer abs.

So, yes, Wednesday would wear espressoh for Halloween. For starters because she is not a waster and cares for planet Earth in her own, twisted way. Not in a million years would she cater to large enterprises to get onto bandwagon of abracadabra make-up kits dropping just in time for October festivities. Neither would she get into paints, fake eyelashes or insert supernatural/glitter/fluorescent lipstick. And if you would, cuddos to you, but we also hope you know how to recycle it (or at least use it more than once).

Wednesday has a natural attitude to life where the slogan I woke up like this applied way before you learned how to use an Instagram filter. She is that quiet pretty girl in high school, that everyone wants to date but nobody does, because well, high schoolers are stupid and she is in all likelihood a layered, complex young woman.

Her beliefs are excessively girl power infused so much that you want to print it (preferably in black) on everything you own from make-up bags and totes, to your pets collar. Just google Wednesday Addams memes and see for yourself.  "You might find a nice girl to be miserable with" is just the tip of her heartfelt humour with a twist that tackles patriarchy.

Would she dress up? Definitely not. After her fiasco as an Indigenous person during Thanksgiving, we would like to believe that Wednesday learned her lesson and no longer appropriates the culture that suffered in many ways. But presumed Wednesday did get a hold of the dark state that is World Wide Web and ended up endlessly scrolling until @espressoh_ miraculously showed up in her friends feed. What would she put into her cart as a Hallo-treat? Our bets are on Intenso Mascara. Yours?

Are you going trick-or-treating this Halloween? (Or just treat. Treat yourself.)  

by Masha Nova